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Radio Immaculate Conception

Radio Immaculée Conception (RIC) is the Catholic radio station of Bénin (West Africa) and emits 24/24 hours.

Several FM bridges scattered throughout the territory of Benin allow a wide spread and make it a network with national coverage. The eastern backbone of Togo is also affected by the irradiation of its frequency modulation.

The RIC also has satellite transmission through Intelsat 325 and AOR and also transmits through the WEB network

This technical apparatus and the roofarea make it the largest Catholic radio station in West Africa and French-speaking.

The purpose of the broadcaster, whose headquarters is at the Mariano d’Allada Centre (South Bénin) is information and training in the light of the eternal and universal values of the Gospel so that, respecting the cultures, the society and the people of Benine in particular, develop and develop and build the civilization of love.

The schedule covers seven major themes:

Christian education, prayer, culture, current affairs, information, development and music.

The numerous telephone calls and the numerous electronic letters and couriers (e-mails) that come to the newsroom, testify to the active and enthusiastic participation of a large public, not only Catholic.

Every man of good will, who seeks the Truth with a sincere heart, can find in the broadcaster Radio Immaculée Conception, a means capable of restoring peace, despite the doubts and fears that make the life of today’s man restless.


RIC is led by the religious congregation of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate who are part of the great family of St. Francis of Assisi and are inspired closely by St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe, (1894-1941) knight and indefatigable apostle Immaculate, pioneer of the use of the mass media in evangelization.

RIC asks everyone for a prayer, to those who can, material help to continue to develop a gigantic work for the people of Africa and to the young people who feel the call to the religious vocation, according to the Franciscan-Marian charisma, the gift of themselves!


FARIC: Family of Radio Immaculée Conception Listeners

Radio Immaculée Conception, in addition to being a radio station, represents a phenomenon of social aggregation. It is in this perspective that we wanted to create a club of listeners to allow them to get out of anonymity, to make themselves known, to offer aconstructiveback feed to the content of the programs and above all fraternize in a society where it seems indifference and individualism are increasingly reigning.

FARIC is also a material support tool for radio, whose activity is carried out thanks to volunteering and the free and spontaneous help of benefactors.

Every quarter there is a large gathering of listeners at the “Madonna of Divine Mercy” shrine of Allada in the Republic of Bénin (West Africa).

It is an opportunity to come together, to share an experience of faith and prayer that finds its apex in mass and to come together for moments of dialogue, doctrinal deepening and détente, in a family atmosphere. True communication is also communion

Many people follow the radio also from abroad through satellite or the internet.

You too can be part of FARIC, Family of Listeners of Radio Immaculée Conception.

Just send us your connotations, your postal and electronic address, your phone contacts with a card photo.

You will soon receive your FARIC membership card at home.

For non-residents in Bénin we simply ask for the contribution of 15 euros per year.

Through this participation, in addition to helping the survival and development of the non-commercial broadcaster, you will fall into the year-end draw of beautiful loyalty prizes.

For your help, you can use Western Union sifters to:

Radio Immaculée Conception

Centre Marial BP 88 Allada, République du Benin (West Africa)

Or make a deposit on the bank:

Number 01288130007 of the Bank of AfricaBénin main agency of Cotonou to the order of Radio Immaculée Conception.

Let the Immaculate reward you with the hundredfold!

Finally, let us remember that on the first Sunday of each month, a Mass is celebrated according to the intentions of the radio benefactors.



Allada 101.3 MHz

Cotonou 89.7 MHz

Abomey 100.9 MHz

Dassa-Zoumé 107.3 MHz

Parakou 93.3 MHz

Bembereké 100.8 MHz

Djougou 89.1 MHz

Natitingou 93.1 MHz

Future frequencies