Fr. Gabriele Maria Pellettieri



Fr. Gabriele M. Pellettieri (of the Annunciation)

Antonio Pellettieri, in religion Father Gabriele Maria, was born in Vaglio Basilicata in the province Potenza, Italy, on June 11, 1940 to Raffaele and Antonia Biscione.

At the age of 10, he entered the minor seminary of the Order of the Friars Minor Conventual of Ravello, where he attended middle school. He met Father Stefano Maria Manelli in the seminary of Sant’Anastasia (Napoli) where he completed his studies.

On September 17, 1957, he made his simple profession; on 17 September 1961 his solemn profession; On March 14, 1965, he was ordained a priest. He obtained his licenciate in Holy Theology at the Pontifical Theological Faculty “Seraphicum” (Rome).

In 1966-69, residing in various friaries of the Neapolitan Province, Father Gabriele found himself in the Community with Father Stefano Maria Manelli and began a deeper spiritual communion with him. In 1967-70 he was vice-chancellor and professor of letters in the Minor Seminary of the Order. On August 2, 1970, after the approval of the Minister General and the acclaim of the Provincial Chapter of the Convenes of Naples, he joined Father Stefano Maria Manelli, to start the experience of a renewed Franciscan life in the Mariana House of Frigento (in the province of Avellino), regulated by the “Marian Plan of Franciscan Life”.

He was Superior of the Marian House of Frigento for two three-year terms (from 1973 to 1979).

On 23 August 1979, together with three other brothers from the Community of Casa Mariana di Frigento, he left for the Philippine Islands and remained there as Superior of the Mission until April 1989 when he returned to Italy. For three years (1980-83) he was pastor in the parish of St. Francis and St. Quiteria of Manila as well as  master of novices in the seminary of the Immaculate Novaliches (Manila), likewise for a three-year period.

Also in Novaliches he accompanied and lead the first group of young women who would eventually form the religious community of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate.

On the 23rd of June of 1990, on the occasion of the diocesan erection of the Institute of Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, he was elected Vicar General, a post which he occupied until 11 July 2013.